300th Robotic Spine Surgery performed at Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso

EL PASO – A spine surgeon at Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso, Dr. George Martin, has successfully performed his 300th minimally-invasive spine surgery using Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System.

“I’ve found Mazor Robotics to be the safest and most accurate minimally-invasive technology for spine procedures,” said Dr. Martin. “Mazor Robotics Renaissance is state-of-the-art in treating spinal conditions. Its advantages are notable in a wide variety of clinical applications, from minimally-invasive procedures to complex spinal deformity correction.”

Dr. Martin is a neurosurgeon specializing in complex and minimally invasive surgeries, in the cervical and lumbar spine including percutaneous spinal fusion, kyphoplasty, and artificial disc replacements. He has been in El Paso over seven years and been using Renaissance for over three years.

“Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso is pleased to work with excellent surgeons like Dr. Martin and offer state-of-the-art technology for spine and other procedures,” said Don Burris, CEO of Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso.

Minimally-invasive spine surgery is a type of spine surgery that uses advanced, computer-assisted technology and highly specialized tools to provide patients with a quicker recovery after surgery, less post-operative pain, and smaller incisions than traditional spine surgery.

Renaissance is Mazor Robotics’ surgical guidance system for spine surgery, ensuring <1.5mm accuracy and a high level of safety for patients. Before entering the OR, surgeons use Renaissance to pre-plan the optimal surgery in a CT-based 3D simulation of the patient’s spine. During surgery, Renaissance guides the surgeon’s hand and tools to the precise pre-planned location.

“Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso is focused on providing the highest quality care and service to our patients by reinventing the healthcare experience. We seek to provide an extraordinary environment wherein patients receive personal, compassionate healthcare and patient/provider relationships are valued and nurtured,” said Burris.

Contact: George Aguirre, 915.203.4660 (george.aguirre@FDNH.com) for more information.

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