In 2000 the process of concept, design and construction began on George Dieter Street on 10 acres of land. The concept and design was not just to have all private rooms, but to have private suites, where the family members had a place to be; a sitting room with their own telephone, cable TV, comfortable seating and even a refrigerator stocked with refreshments. This enabled the family to interact with the patient and improve the patient’s recovery time. The televisions in the patient’s room also have education capabilities for the patient to access, games to play, access to the Web, or they can order movies; the television also converts to our electronic medical record for the nurses and physicians.

The design was to utilize the highest technology available in all aspects of patient care. Some examples are: Digital radiology, electronic medical record system which can be accessed even at the patient’s bedside, computerized medication delivery system with bar coding, a robot that delivers medication from the pharmacy to the floors, blood samples to the Lab or a piece of equipment anywhere in the hospital.

The surgery suites are large and equipped with booms that house the equipment and rotate around the room. Patients Xray films can be projected onto flat screens into the OR. In the PreOp area, the patients are in private rooms where a family member can stay with them until surgery. FSHEP offers inpatient and outpatient surgery.

In October of 2012, the hospital attained a full 3 year accreditation by the DNV. The private suites have a sitting room for loved ones so they can interact with the recovery of the patient.

FSHEP has a medical staff of over 312 physicians.