Diagnostic Radiology is the branch of medical science dealing with medical imaging. It may use x-ray machines or other such radiation devices. It also uses techniques that do not involve radiation, such as MRI and ultrasound.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a highly beneficial treatment that produces valuable information for your physician to use to better diagnose your condition.

MRI is a non-invasive procedure, which means you do not go under anesthesia and you do not go under a scalpel. For this exam, you simply have to lie still while the technicians use a computer to develop a detailed image of your body through strong magnetic fields and radio frequency pulses. This procedure is used to create images of your entire internal body system, including bones and skeletal structures, as well as parts of your body that cannot be completely captured through simple x-rays such as your internal organs and soft tissues.

Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso’s Imaging Centers offer two types of MRIs for your comfort and convenience: high-field and medium-field.

For images requiring the finest details, the high-field MRI, also known as a closed MRI, offers a fast service that yields extremely high-quality pictures of your body. The machine features a circular enclosure housing the magnets, and this allows for the procedure to take place at quick pace. But for those who may feel uneasy in a slightly confined space, there is the medium-field MRI, often referred to as an open MRI. This procedure is performed in a more generous, spacious setting so that the patient never feels cramped or enclosed.

In both procedures, patients are always in contact with their technicians through a crystal-clear intercom system. Patients can relax while listening to music while in a room decorated to ease the senses and calm any jitters.

Ultrasound exams are common procedures that often give us the amazing first glimpses of a new life preparing to come into our world.

Ultrasound exams are non-invasive and do not involve any x-rays. The procedure delivers detailed pictures of the inside of your using high-frequency sound waves. The technology goes a step beyond other procedures by giving you and your physician the benefit of viewing real-time, in-motion images of the inner-body and all its vital parts.

In addition to providing expecting families of view of their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy, Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso’s Imaging Centers ultrasound services also allow your physician to monitor your blood flow and treat several other medical conditions.

Though the times may vary between different procedures, a CT scan is usually the fastest medical imaging procedure offered at Foundation Surgical Hospital of El Paso’s Imaging Centers.

This procedure offers detailed results that go well beyond anything that can be seen in any simple x-ray. Sometimes referred to as a CAT scan, the exam is non-invasive. All you have to do is lie still – whether it’s on your back, your side or your stomach – so that the technician can gather the most accurate information through the scan.

The scan uses advanced x-ray machinery and computers to combine multiple images of the inside of your body. When these separate images are compiled, they provide a complete and detailed look of the body part under examination. This allows your physician to make a more precise diagnosis of your condition and prescribe a more effective treatment to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Bone Density Scan
As your body is constantly growing and changing, you sometimes need to monitor its strength not through the brawn of your muscles but through the sturdiness of your bones.

A bone density scan is a non-invasive procedure that focuses x-rays on a part of your body to determine bone mass. This can be used to view critical bone structures in your hips and spine and throughout other areas of your body.

Your skeletal structure plays an important role in keeping you moving throughout your life. Through a bone density scan from Foundation Surgical Hospital’s Imaging Centers, you and your physician will be able to monitor your body’s foundation and work to make sure it remains solid and able.